Parks and Recreational Centers in Goondiwindi

Goondiwindi is a proud community who love to boast a wonderful display of greenery throughout the town. Not only is the town center full of flowers and palm trees, we also have 12 parks in Goondiwindi. This includes  Apex  park, between the McIntyre River and the walking track, Botanical Gardens on the opposite side of town, and the Water/ Ski park,  just to name a few.

You will find upon visiting any park in town that it is pet and child friendly, and inviting enough for a quiet picnic with your partner. With numerous opportunities for a swim, sun bake, sit down and have a meal, play  fetch with your dog or relax, Goondiwindi has the full package when it comes to recreation. If you want something a little more physical, you will fit right in at the Goondiwindi PCYC as it has a gym and sporting courts. You can become a member or join their boot camps that encourage fitness.

Goondiwindi also has numerous sporting clubs including Ruby Union, which Ray White Rural Goondiwindi sponsor, Rugby League, Netball, Women and Men’s touch, Volleyball, Squash, Swimming Clubs for any age, and many more.

Parks and Recreation in Goondiwindi make up a large part of the community as we are very family orientated, which provides an abundance of opportunities for children to thrive at a young age, and continue these habits well into their adult life.